The future of clinical trial payments

finklyn streamlines financial processes in clinical trials.

finklyn for sponsors

Deliver new treatments to market faster by reducing administrative burdens.

finklyn for CROs

Enhance collaboration with sponsors and sites by optimizing workflows.

finklyn for sites

Easy invoicing and fast payment cycles.

Boost your financial processes with our
global invoice and payment platform.

Streamline workflows and improve collaboration between sponsor, CRO and sites. With our cloud-based solution all parties get fast and easy access to relevant study information – anytime, anywhere.

Automating site payments

finklyn is reducing workloads and creating visibility on process status and key financial metrics for sponsors, CROs and sites.


Track your budget and get a crystal clear view of all relevant financial metrics and overall study status in seconds. View all expenses and use the forecasting tool to manage and optimize your budget.


Why would you like to spend hours and hours for payment processing? finklyn allows you to focus on your core activities while significantly reducing workload and costs.


Transform your operations with a centralized digital platform for all user groups of your clinical trials. Utilize our banking integration for fully automating site payments.

With a clear focus on your core competencies, you are not only getting rid of tasks that are inefficient and expensive. You also keep your staff motivated and focus on things that really matter.

Sounds interesting?

Give it a try with a guided tour. Get a first impression on how your daily operations could change utilizing finklyn for your clinical studies.