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What is finklyn ?

Why would you like to spend hours and hours of manually processing trial site payments? finklyn is building digital bridges when it comes down to payment processes within clinical trials. With automated and fast digital solutions and processes, finklyn helps to transform administrative burden into efficiency and transparency.

Who can use finklyn ?

Finklyn is a multi-sided platform enabling sponsors, CROs and sites as a collaborative team. If you would like understand more about how finklyn can help to streamline YOUR processes, simply get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.

What is the benefit of using finklyn for clinical trials ?

Transform your operations utilizing our end-to-end automation of the entire financial life cycle of your clinical trials.

Clinical trials or payment processing? finklyn allows you to focus on your
core activities while significantly reducing workload and costs.

Track your budget and get a crystal clear view of all relevant financial metrics and overall study status in seconds.

100% compliant with clinical & financial supervisory authorities
as well as all EU data protection requirements.

Ease of Use
We care about user experience – from initial setup phase via continuous milestone-based invoice management through to budget reporting.

Boost your overall study duration with payment automation, digital invoicing management and competitive recruitment support.

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